We believe in the necessity of having trust in qualified and multidisciplinary teams to put as a whole the different areas that make up the group

In this way, it is possible to confront new challenges and obtain an holistic vision of the projects in which the full satisfaction of our clients is always the main objective

At an industrial productive level, we are specialists in any plant level, from the definition, programming and start-up of equipment, sensors and PLCs, to the implementation of cyber-physical systems based in the Cloud with BigData solutions, along with the implementation of production managers and planners and also considering our work in the process optimization.

Fields of Expertise

Iturcemi provides to its clients contrastable experience in electrical engineering, automation and control engineering, engineering for loads handling systems and industrial cranes and software and hardware architectures engineering for digital solutions. Moreover, the fact that we have own workshops and assembly staff suppose the perfect complement to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Electrical Engineering

Low and medium voltage projects, from the offer to the start-up, including all the phases related to basic and detailed engineering, manufacturing and assembly.

Basic and detailed engineering
Manufacturing and assembly

Automation & Control Engineering

Projects related to definition, programming, simulation and start-up of automation systems, including the manufacturing of electric cabinets for the components, its assembly and the subsequent start-up.

Functional analysis
Solutions design
Simulation/virtual start-up

Cranes & Handling

We are specialists in industrial cranes projects with Siemens certification and with worldwide experience

Industrial cranes
Workstations of load systems
Ship-to-land cranes

Manufacturing and Assembly Workshop

Facilities and own staff destined to the manufacturing of electrical panels and needed material for the subsequent assembly and start-up in our engineering projects

MANUFACTURING: Own staff/ approved manufacturing / Electrical and electronic panels
ASSEMBLY: Own staff / Start-up / Facilities maintenance

Delta Digital

Department dedicated to the Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Cyber-physical systems, digital twin, Cloud applications and Big Data

Level 2 process automation.
Process optimization
Solutions/architectures IIoT and applications

Food & Pharma

Specialists in services, facilities and equipment for the food, biosanitary and pharmaceutical industry.

Services associated with GMO, ISO and FDA compliance.

Facilities and equipment for the food, biosanitary and pharmaceutical industry.