1. Turn-key projects

Iturcemi offers to its clients a great variety of “Turnkey projects” of different sectors that fit their necessities. These projects entail for iturcemi the execution of all the activities in all their different phases, from the initial offer to the maintenance.

For the relief of our clients and to offer an holistic solution in an increasingly competitive industrial environment, the iturcemi’s electrical engineering department is in charge of tasks like the basic and detailed engineering, the manufacturing, installation, assembly and start-up and even the maintenance of the facility once it is working.

In the Automation and Control department these projects include functional analysis tasks, custom-made solutions design along with its development and implementation, testing and simulations required and, finally, the its start-up.

Lastly, this service is included in Industry 4.0 projects in terms of solutions and IIoT architectures that are developed along with the necessary applications.

2. Project management

From iturcemi, we offer the Project Management EI & A by a complete or partial way in its different phases:

Viability Phase:
General vision, objectives, field and scope, success factors, etc.

Planning Phase:
Definition, budget and expenditure plan, initial planning, permissions and licences, basic engineering, technical specifications, purchases strategy, etc.

Execution Phase:
– Project coordination (expenditure control, monitoring, reports, documentation, changes management, contract management, …)
– Detailed engineering (verification, design analysis, …)
– Supervision, Manufacturing and Assembly, Coordination and Security Management.
– Start-Up.

Closure Phase:
Project information registration, learned lessons, project closure approval.

We act as property agent faced with the company that is in charge of the execution of the project.

3. innovation and Development

Innovation and development are central concepts of course of action for iturcemi, being the improvement of our clients services and products the main objective.

The motor of our course of action in terms of i +D is the shared innovation. This collaboration is opened to the Market (suppliers, clients, competitors) and Technological Environments (Universities, Institutes, Technological Centres)

Our main fields of action are two:

In summary…

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