Specialists in the cranes area and big loads management

Iturcemi has become a European level reference in the cranes area and big loads management, thanks to the certification and the collaboration with SIEMENS, worldwide model. The company has established itself strongly in this area due to the offer, as well as in the rest of the departments, of complete and turnkey solutions with our own staff during the whole process, from the definition of the project, the engineering, automation, manufacturing and assembly.

Currently, our course of action is focused in positioning and no-swinging systems, simulation, energy regeneration, robotization and tele-service.

International growth

The specialization of the Cranes and Handling department inside the company has overstep the national frontiers. Currently, we have several projects in different continents with excellent references from our clients, what increase significantly the importance of this type of projects inside the Iturcemi group.