Analysis and Design of Solutions

Iturcemi, together with its clients, look for the optimum solutions to improve their industrial processes productivity, as well as the added value increase in the management.

In the field of Automation and Control, our offer begins in the design of Automation Topologies, Instrumentation P&ID, Hook-Up and Network audits. By the same token we provide assistance in terms of data management and processing to obtain accurate and necessary information in the different company levels.

Development and Implementation

From this basis, we have the capability to develop Detailed Engineering about Electrical Systems by using advanced tools, Automation and Control systems, including DCS, Industrial Communications and Process Simulation, as well as data systems which allow to capture, transport and store the information in upper levels.

Advanced Simulation of PLCs and DCs

Iturcemi has recently added to its solutions catalogue the advanced simulation with SIMIT. It means a paradigm change in the way of doing the design and start-up of new facilities or the renovation of the already existent ones. With this tool the design phase is significantly improved, making it more effective and getting the deadlines shorter, because it allows to carry out different tests that speed up the decision taking in several aspects of the said phase. During the start-ups, the tool achieves getting the deadlines shorter extremely, with the consequent economic savings, since the different used devices will already have included the programs and control algorithms almost totally debugged, being necessary only small adjustments.