Iturcemi Ingeniería is now an official partner of OSIsoft for the implementation of projects based on PI System. Our experience in the industry at the service of digitalization.
With PI System we can collect data in real time from any source whether it is a remote, mobile, legacy or new generation IIOT device or asset.
With PI System we can store decades of data and provide immediate access to predictive and historical data with high reliability and in real time.
With PI System we can contextualize each tag by adding meaning to the raw data.
With PI System we can create customized reports and dashboards to help you solve problems, control your plant operations, or improve the efficiency of your processes.
With PI System we can share operational data with analytics tools, business intelligence and machine learning (AI) algorithms in the cloud that help us from the outside to intelligently manage our production plants.
PI System is the tool trusted by 80% of the world’s major oil and energy companies where data is critical to operations. PI System is also present in 65% of the Fortune 500 industrial companies.
The immediate future lies in the management and massive use of operational data. PI System together with the experience and knowledge of Iturcemi Ingeniería, will help you to successfully face the new paradigm of digitalization. With PI System you will have operational intelligence.

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