In Iturcemi Ingeniería we know the criticality and availability of industrial facilities. We are experts in the so-called Operation Technologies (OT). We are strongly committed to security in all areas and, of course, also in that which affects the cyber security of productive assets.

Cyber incidents and attacks on industrial facilities are becoming more frequent every day. The consequences can be very serious, causing damages ranging from the loss of relevant information to stoppages, production losses or even risk to the facilities themselves, nature, or people.

That is why at Iturcemi Ingeniería we are committed to cyber-safe developments from the design phase of the control system and throughout its life cycle. All our customer projects include a detailed study of the proposed architecture oriented to compliance with the recognized de facto standard for industrial cybersecurity ISA/IEC 62443. On the other hand, we also offer advice for the application of this standard in existing installations.

Thanks to our highly qualified and certified staff in the knowledge of the ISA/IEC 62443 standard we can offer the following services:

  • Study and proposal of the basic principles for the creation of an effective cybersecurity program for the production plant in the long term.
  • Application of the ISA/IEC 62443 standard in processes and operations.
  • Study and proposal of control architectures for compliance with defence in depth concepts and zone/conduit security models.
  • Use of methodologies for risk and vulnerability analysis.
  • Proposal for the application of principles for the development of cybersecurity policies.
  • Proposal of measures for risk mitigation including the administration of antivirus, patches, firewalls, and VPN’s.