At ITURCEMI we are experts in the so-called Operation Technologies (OT) and therefore we know the criticality of industrial facilities. We are committed to safety in all areas of work, and of course, also at the digital level. Every day industrial facilities suffer a greater number of incidents related to cybersecurity, and the consequences of these attacks can be very serious, due to the role of OT technologies in productive environments.

That is why at Iturcemi we are not only committed to cyber-secure developments from the design phase, but also provide advisory functions and application of one of the most important standards in this field worldwide, the ISA/IEC62443 model.

Thanks to the least, we have personnel certified in the ISA/IEC 62443 standards, we can support our clients by offering services such as:

  • Study and propose the basic principles for the creation of an effective cybersecurity program for the production plant in the long term.
  • Apply the isA / IEC 62443 industrial safety standard in your processes and operations.
  • Study and propose control architectures that comply with the concepts of defense in depth and zone/conduit security models.
  • Use methodologies for the analysis of risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Propose principles for the development of cybersecurity policies.
  • Propose measures for risk mitigation including the administration of antivirus, patches, firewalls and VPN’s.