Automatic inspection and sanitizing of imperfections in thick sheet metal

Framed in the call for differential projects or tractors of IDEPA, the consortium formed by Daorje, Iturcemi and DSI Plus, have developed, in an ambitious project, a robot to detect imperfections in thick sheet automatically and then perform the sanitization of them through different tools that the robot itself carries.

The main objectives of the project have been:

  • Design of the prototype of the autonomous robot with capacity to house inspection sensors and cleaning machinery, being able to also be able to fully travel the sheet metal to cover its entire surface.
  • Research and development of algorithms for robot navigation.
  • Investigation of defect inspection solutions on sheets based on artificial vision.
  • Integration of all subsystems in the main system to achieve the overall objectives of the project.
  • To achieve the realization of the proposed tasks with the greatest possible precision and at the highest speed.
  • Seek a design with reduced dimensions and weight, so that human operators can perform maintenance operations with ease, as well as transfer in complex environments.

Without a doubt, the project has been raised as a technological challenge and as an opportunity for the consortium formed by the three companies to achieve an easily reproducible product for its subsequent implementation in different locations, starting from Asturias as a reference for steel not only nationally, but internationally.

Project Details


29 Junio, 2017 – 13 December 2020X

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Daorje S.L.U

Saneo chapa

This project is funded by FEDER and IDEPA and the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTI).