CCM1 and CCM2 Cooling System

Iturcemi ingeniería, hired by Duro Felguera, has developed the electrical engineering for the modernisation project of the Primary Cooling Circuits in the new Continuous Cast Machines in the LD-A steel mill in ArcelorMittal Avilés (Asturias).

Moreover, following Duro Felguera functional description, Iturcemi have carried out the following points:

  • Manufacturing of MCCs, control cabinets and junction boxes
  • Development of software for the automation and control system
  • Installation of electrical and instrumentation devices
  • Commissioning

The new Continuous Cast Machines need soft water for cooling its Machinery and Mould circuits. The grid water to be used in the cooling system is treated through a decalcifying unit.

The cooling system, for Machinery and Mould circuits, consist of a closed decalcified water circuit which is cooled through heat exchangers. For this purpose, is used cold water from a tank. The entire cooling circuit for each machine is made of a closed circuit, call Primary, and a semi-open one, named Secondary.

The whole installation is made up of, per each machine, two primary closed and independent circuits and a common secondary circuit. In the heat exchangers the cold water from the secondary one and the hot water from the primary circuit cross paths to cool it. The cooled water is pumped again to the machines in order to cool them.

We are very pleased of the final result and we thank Duro Felguera for the trust placed in us.

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